Wind Farms Victoria

Wind farms in Victoria, Australia, represent putting into action the reliable and proven technology that wind power is the effective way to cut greenhouse gas emissions that are associated with the generation of electricity. Victoria has some of Australia’s best wind resources along its southern coast and in the higher altitudes, and wind is a reliable and proven technology.

When completed in June 2001, the Codrington Wind Farm on the southwestern coast was Victoria’s first wind farm. It was fully invested by private funds and started with fourteen wind turbines. That number has expanded substantially over the years along that stretch of coastline.

Wind farms in Victoria currently produce a capacity of approximately 428 megawatts, which generates electricity for about 200,000 homes. Wind farms under construction to create an additional 900 megawatts are on a schedule to be completed by 2012.

Siemens Wind Power provides reliable and efficient wind turbines for onshore and offshore projects. Their service teams make sure that the turbines run properly throughout their life cycle and offer services and integrated solutions for the wind energy industry.

However, there is a hurdle. In November 2010, the eleven-years-in-power Australian Labor Party was replaced by the Liberal-National Coalition. For some reason the Coalition is determined to implement a policy that would close large portions of the state to wind projects in the future supposedly for environmental purposes. That is difficult to understand since Victoria relies on a brown coal that is very polluting to meet most of its energy needs.

Hopefully this issue will be resolved and the Coalition can be made to realize that wind is the most viable and large scale renewable energy option that is low emission and job rich.