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As energy consumption continues to rise the world over more and more people are seeking sustainable solutions for energy generation. Is wind farming a viable solution for the long haul?

Wind vs Water
Hydroelectric power can be a good source of clean, sustainable energy but it doesn’t work for all regions. In places like Australia there isn’t always a good dedicated source of water for hydroelectric energy generation. Damming up waters can have a harmful impact on the environment as well.

Wind vs Solar
Both solar and wind power have the advantage over water because utilizing sun or wind takes nothing from anyone else. However, wind has the advantage over solar in terms of value. A solar panel farm generates less energy than a comparable farm covered with wind turbines. Wind farms in Australia make more monetary sense than solar farms.

Unique Advantages of Wind Farms
Wind farms can be placed on land that isn’t usable for other purposes. Wind turbines are very tall but have a small footprint on the ground, thus disturbing the environment and wildlife much less than solar paneling, which has a very large footprint and takes up a lot of space.

Surprisingly, wind farms don’t require strong winds; in fact, they do best with non-turbulent constant sources of gentle wind. Wind farms in Australia can also be placed offshore in coastal regions with good, steady winds. Other countries are stepping up their investment in the wind energy industry with China estimated to be able to generate all of the electricity needed by their country by 2030, due to their rich wind availability.

Wind energy is a simple and clean way to harness a naturally occurring source of energy; it emits no pollution, does not harm the environment and is completely compatible with existing ecosystems.