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As energy consumption continues to rise the world over more and more people are seeking sustainable solutions for energy generation. Is wind farming a viable solution for the long haul? Or do the dangers of wind farms outweigh the benefits? If Australia moves into wind farms in greater numbers, where should they be located?read more


01 Wind farms in Australia

Wind farms in Australia versus other forms of renewable energy. How does wind power stack up commercially and what are the risks involved for Australians in the development of such farms? readmore

02 Wind Farms Victoria

Victoria has seen some of the biggest installations of wind farms in Australia. What does this mean for Victorians and the state government and how can regional investment help the entire state? readmore

03 Renewable Energy

Consifder the many other forms of renewable energy. Geothermal energy, tidal power and of course solar power all compete for the most commercially viable forms of power production. Compare wind power with these alternatives. readmore